Behind Miss Jacobs you find Anne Sem-Jacobsen. And she has done all kinds of stuff. She started her career on stage in the early years, but got her real breakthrough when she joined one of Norway’s most visited summershow, “Hønefossrevyen” in 2003. She was a part of a team containing of six people, amongst these one of Norway’s greatest comidians; Jonas Rønning. Together they got great reviews, and highest scores in the biggest newspapers in the country. They even got nominated for the prestigious comedy award “Komiprisen”. After three years of the show, and a year of getting fed up in acting school, she dropped everything and moved to the mountains. After two years in the little village Hemsedal, she had gotten a guitar, lots of inspiration, friends and last but not least: A LOT of material for her songs. “Fuck Me”, “Bouncing Smiles”, “You Don’t Like”, and “Bubble Blue” was just some of the songs getting written in front of the fireplace, always accompanied by a glass of redwine.

After a while she got back into the capital, Oslo. She quickly got gigs, and started playing. Only the girl, and the guitar. The songs found its way into peoples hearts and minds, and by 2008 she had her first EP made: “Off/On”. When looking for musicians, she thought she might as well just ask the best ones she knew, and they joined in straight away. Frode Eggum Have(drums) and Eirik Kiil Saga(Keys) has a black belt in music. They have lately been touring with the famous duo “Karpe Diem”, and have several gigs with big artists and on national TV. Aleksander Eriksen(guitar), was a teacher at the school “Idéfagsskolen”, and really knew his way around both the guitar and the studio. Sondre Sandhaug(bass), was such a hotshot, that he only joined in for the EP, and had to leave us shortly after. But he was shortly replaced by another big talent, the bishop’s son: Knut Magnus Nordhaug(bass). As Miss likes to say "It's nice to have a divine foot in the door!"

The years has gone by containing lots of conserts, and Anne Sem-Jacobsen is also starring in two comedy shows a year from 2011, and has played with great actors such as Brit Elisabeth Haagensli.

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