Why Miss Jacobs?

She doesn’t wear meat, or other groceries, doesn’t attend regular dinners with Mats Borch Bugge, and is certainly not international spokesman for virtue and morals. However, this girl believes in the value of the good songs. And of course the joy of poking your brain a little.

Her old classmates know Miss Jacobs as Anne Sem-Jacobsen. Forever number two. She has during the last years almost always just NEARLY made it. But she is not giving up. Someone is just born to be artists, and Miss Jacobs is one of them. With songs that are instantly catchy, engage, and spans a wide genre, the singer/songwriter is now ready to play with the big girls.

Miss Jacobs is a charming artist, with a beautiful distinctive voice that sets the ground for this recognizable style in music. After countless conserts , and radiolistings in NRK Østafjells, NRK Hedmark og Oppland and “Buskerudsendingen”, a lot of people has started following her. In her songs she brings up unusual topics, ike in the song “Lisa Williams”, where she talks about what the world would be like if the medium Lisa Williams’ abilities is the truth about the afterlife. In fact, Lisa Williams herself contacted the little Miss after hearing this song, saying that she loved it and was asking if she could help out in any way with the marketing. More and more people notice Miss Jacobs, and she is now ready to finally be number one on the Norwegian artist heaven.